Crunch Digital: A Simplified Data Management Solution for a Complex Digital Marketplace

The present system of licensing and reporting between content owners and digital service providers isn’t working. Digital service providers don’t want to rely on guesswork for their licensing and reporting, and content owners want to ensure that they’re paid correctly.

With digital subscription revenues expected to expand rapidly in the next few years, innovations are needed to improve deal and revenue flow. Technology should be leveraged to address the problem and open up the pipeline.

Crunch Digital offers a better long term solution: a simple, controlled way to make catalog information available to digital service providers, which enables more licensed content, cost-effective & efficient reporting and transparency.


Digital Service Providers

Choose the BEST Content

You’re looking for the best content for your service or app, and Crunch Digital works with major and independent content owners to offer pre-cleared assets. Let us help you with your direct licensing needs. Learn more

Get It Right the First Time

We’re here to eliminate guesswork. When you work with Crunch Digital, you won’t wonder about who to license from or who to pay. You can give us your ‘wish list’ or access our portal to see what content you would be interested in licensing. Your licenses will be directly with the content owners, and we’re simply facilitating your conversations and reporting.

Be First in Line!

In addition to a rich catalog of popular content, we’ll have access to brand new stuff too. Be the first to include the latest and greatest.

Content Owners

Music Publishers – It’s a 0% Commission Offer

We encourage rights holders of all sizes to include their repertoire in our core database which enables the potential for greater access and licensing opportunities to digital services of all types. As your non-exclusive agent there is no commission charged to music publishers on the direct licenses we issue. Learn more

Know More About Your Business

The Business Intelligence reports provided through Crunch Digital will help you know more about your business and the latest transaction trends. With timely feedback from your digital pipeline, revenue can be maximized by putting resources to work in all the right places. Verify the effectiveness of promotions, direct marketing to top sellers to maximize revenue and chart the impact on product sales overall.

Streamline Your Digital Sales Processing

Weekly sales files and monthly statements can be validated, cleaned, imported and reported within a short period of time, adding efficiency to your accounting and royalty reporting workflows.

Receive More Accurate and Timely Payments

Using our Price Checker and Promo Tracker, you will know of problems sooner than if you wait to conduct an audit, and with much less effort. Our Price Checker matches your sales to your content and price list to make sure service providers have (and use) accurate pricing information. Similarly, our Promo Tracker provides a standard way to deliver and track promotions with service providers, and review the results from sales.


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