Crunch Digital Agency: Licensing Solutions

Learn more about our next-generation licensing solutions for digital services and music publishers.

Content Data Management

Crunch Digital removes the guesswork for digital services and content owners. With an independent party providing content metadata management and royalty payment processing, digital services can focus on building great products while content owners can deliver the best possible content. Everyone can expand revenue opportunities and receive more accurate reporting.

Royalty Processing

For digital services, Crunch Digital offers a new direction for royalty processing. Why build additional infrastructure when outsourcing is a better long-term solution in our dynamic industry? Crunch Digital provides the tools and infrastructure to process high-volume transaction data into more accurate royalty reports. Get to market faster, provide efficient reporting and have peace of mind that a trusted third party is getting the royalty job done.

Payment Solutions

We offer an easy-to-manage, transparent payment solution to complement your royalty processing. You have control over the finances and visibility into who is paid and when payments are sent.

Administration of Direct Licenses

Crunch Digital offers a complete end-to-end back office solution for reporting and payments required under direct licenses between content owners and digital services.

Digital Sales File Processing

With Crunch Digital, content owners can analyze sales data from many digital service providers. We have created tools to match your incoming sales files with catalog metadata to aggregate sales, enabling you to process income from a single file into the current royalty system.

Digital Promotions Tracking

Tracking the success of digital promotions can help content owners maximize marketing dollars. With Crunch Digital’s Promo Tracker, you can easily broadcast your promotions to digital services, and later match the results of those marketing campaigns to trends in sales.

Digital Price Verification

Crunch Digital includes tools for content owners to verify pricing using weekly or monthly sales reports from digital service providers. Instead of determining issues years later during an audit, you can intercept pricing errors within a few days and correct them proactively to increase current revenue.

Digital Service Provider Contract Compliance

When content owners utilize the entire suite of Crunch Digital modules, you essentially perform proactive mini-audits of digital distributors to ensure more timely and accurate payments of their royalties payable.

Unidentified Income Allocations

For music publishers and collecting societies that receive bulk payments without supporting details, we can utilize the Crunch Digital data warehouse tools to provide various methodologies to allocate royalty payment receipts.