Have you got licenses?

Here is the story of Ozzy the app developer who created a great app that uses music, but he didn’t have licenses from record labels and music publishers. Watch Ozzy navigate getting music licenses….

Coming soon – the sequel about Brad.

Again similar story. Brad launches his app without licenses and then pulls the app from the market while he gets his licenses in place. Brad spends months trying to get his licenses in place and before he can re-launch his app, multiple other services pop up iterating on his idea. Brad’s app might be better than the competition, but because he had to focus his efforts on licensing while his competitors used Crunch Digital and were free to focus on marketing and consumer engagement he has (a) lost the first mover advantage, and (b) watched his consumers jump ship to the competition and is unable to wing them back. Brad tries to sell his app but there are no takers because its just as sexy as his competitors with the hypnotic user engagement metrics. Brad has to move back in with his mom and become a barista. (story line credit goes to JG – an all too familiar story).

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