Crunch Digital is an independent technology firm based in Los Angeles, California with a long pedigree in the media & entertainment space. Crunch Digital’s mission is to eliminate the barriers of licensing and payments, ultimately fueling better revenue flow with improved business intelligence and reducing operating costs through streamlined workflows.

We support content owners – including record labels, music publishers, audio book  publishers, film & television studios and game publishers – by managing the flow of data to and from digital services. We also manage data flow for licensees – digital service providers, multi-channel networks, game companies, app developers and mobile carriers – including royalty reporting for direct licenses.

About our Founder | Keith Bernstein

12ec847Keith Bernstein is responsible for extending Crunch’s partnerships and spearheading growth in international business segments, including music, film & television, publishing and games. Keith is known in the entertainment industry for his acute financial prowess and knowledge of the complexities of music copyrights, royalty accounting, reporting requirements, label operations, and digital service operations. With over 25 years of experience, he has a unique blend of music industry and business development experience, and is recognized for his strategic insight and personal integrity.

Keith has been a featured guest lecturer at universities and has spoken on a number of music industry panels, covering such topics as music licensing, music royalty accounting, royalty examination procedures, and financial due diligence related to song catalog acquisitions.

Keith attended the John E. Anderson Graduate School of Management Executive Program in Business Management at the University of California, Los Angeles. He also received his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics/Business from the University of California, Los Angeles.