Crunch Digital is a next-generation technology company that offers innovative services that streamline the workflow for application software developers with record labels and music publishers.

Whether your needs are providing specification-compliant reporting or complete turnkey royalty accounting services, Crunch Digital can assist you, freeing you to focus on your product development and marketing. You provide your usage and corresponding financial reports, and we handle the rest.

Here’s How It Works

Crunch Digital helps app developers with licensing and reporting

Focus on Your App

Your reporting requirements, typically outlined in your license agreement with the record labels and publishers, can require time and resources to set up and manage. With Crunch Digital, you simply output your usage reports and any supporting financial information needed for reporting. Don’t worry about the format – just focus on making your app successful.

Crunch Digital Maps the Specifications

Using the reporting data you deliver, we’ll map your data into whatever the content owners’ specifications require. We already report to the labels and publishers, so we probably already have created the tools needed to get their data to them as they prescribe.

Report Worldwide

Crunch Digital understands the territorial requirements too. If your app is available for worldwide distribution, we can handle your reporting for the United States or any other territory.

Make Royalty Payments

Make payments yourself to include with your statements, or use the optional Crunch Digital payment service.


Here’s Why You Should Work with Crunch Digital

  • Turnkey Reporting, Royalty Accounting and Payment Services save you time
  • Crunch Digital’s industry experience ensures accurate & timely reporting
  • Our service plans can scale to your needs, large or small
  • Save yourself the hassle of building reporting infrastructure so you can focus on your product and marketing


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