Crunch Digital delivers the future of music licensing now. We are a dynamic licensing agency built for the needs of the evolving digital marketplace.

Our solution helps to eliminate the reliance on NOIs and build a healthy streaming economy.


Crunch Digital Agency

We offer a streamlined direct license solution alternative to Section 115 licensing. Direct licenses issued by Crunch Digital have the same royalty rates as Section 115 for the same service types.

What’s different between direct licenses and relying on NOIs for licensing? The mess and all the issues that you read about in the lawsuits filed against services who relied on sending NOIs to cover their licensing needs.

Music Publishers – It’s a 0% Commission Offer

We encourage rights holders of all sizes to include their repertoire in our core database which enables the potential for greater access and licensing opportunities to digital services of all types.

As your non-exclusive agent there is no commission charged to music publishers on the direct licenses we issue. Ready to join the rEVOLUTION? Learn more

Digital Services – Why expose yourself to the risks of NOIs?

Digital services can benefit from direct licenses which mitigate risk that comes from relying on sending out NOIs in the hope of insuring against copyright infringement claims. From licensing through to reporting, Crunch Digital does it all. Learn more