Recombinant Selects Crunch Digital for Full Service Rights Solution


Crunch Digital to Provide Full Service Rights Solution for JamBandit Music App

Los Angeles, August 27, 2013: Recombinant Inc has chosen Crunch Digital to provide data management and royalty reporting services for its JamBandit interactive music applications. Crunch Digital’s data management and reporting services bridge digital rights owners with content licensees, including app developers, games, mobile providers and online digital music services.

JamBandit, a groundbreaking interactive music application, enables expert musical performance from all players, regardless of experience or musical training. JamBandit players can improvise from a wide variety of songs and instruments, then share their performances on Facebook, SoundCloud, or email.

“By putting the fan in the band, we’re delivering the ultimate music fantasy while driving more sales to the artists and songwriters who make that experience possible,” said Dave Park, CEO of Recombinant. “We are thrilled to be working with Crunch Digital, as they radically simplify the necessary workflow with our growing list of content partners.”

“JamBandit exemplifies the innovative kind of business opportunities appearing in the music marketplace,” said Keith Bernstein, founder of Crunch Digital. “One of the reasons we started Crunch Digital is to facilitate these specialized music licenses and make dataflow and reporting more efficient between content owners and content users.”

About Recombinant
JamBandit is developed by Recombinant Inc, a technology company specializing in music analysis and algorithmic composition. Recombinant systems enable interactive touchscreen and motion sensitive environments in which the player experiences music as a virtual talent. These technologies are derived from UC Santa Cruz Professor Emeritus David Cope’s pioneering studies of algorithmic composition. Recombinant’s mission is to help artists sell more music by putting the fan in the band.

About Crunch Digital
Crunch Digital™ is an independent technology firm whose mission is to eliminate the barriers of licensing and payments in the media & entertainment marketplace, fueling better revenue flow, improving business intelligence, and reducing operating costs. Crunch Digital manages data flow for content licensees – digital service providers, multi-channel networks, game companies, app developers and mobile carriers – including royalty reporting for direct licenses. Crunch Digital also services content owners – including record labels, music publishers, audio book publishers, film & television studios and game publishers.

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