Crunch Digital delivers the future of licensing now.


We are a next-generation licensing agency for music publishers.

What makes us next-generation? It is our use of technology, our efficiency, and our reduced administrative costs. That translates to better systems, better reporting, better customer service, and no agency commissions charged to music publishers (0%).

It has never made sense that a music publisher pays a commission to their licensing agent to license their works. Why doesn’t the licensee cover the administrative costs of issuing the license and doing the back office reporting? Commission rates have been going up, they should be coming down or eliminated as technology creates licensing and reporting efficiency.

Make Crunch Digital your non-exclusive licensing agent for 0% commission.

Help to eliminate the reliance by digital streaming services on compulsory licenses (and the issuance of NOIs) by authorizing Crunch Digital to be your non-exclusive agent to issue direct licenses. By issuing direct licenses to digital services you will help build a healthy streaming economy moving forward.

It is simple, we offer a streamlined direct license solution alternative to Section 115 licensing. The direct licenses you authorize Crunch Digital to issue on your behalf will have the same royalty rates as Section 115 for the same service types.

By taking this direct license approach, you can help to eliminate the volume of NOIs you receive and all the related administrative issues and costs you incur that come with compulsory licensing – not to mention the potential problems that are outlined in the copyright infringement lawsuits that have been filed against some digital streaming services for not licensing all songs and not reporting all royalties.

How it works

  • We will send you our agreement which will authorize Crunch Digital to be your non-exclusive agent to issue direct licenses on your behalf. You can set opt-out criteria to be excluded from specific direct license opportunities.
  • No commission or administrative fee of any type will be taken by Crunch Digital for any direct licenses we issue.
  • We will send you instructions for the delivery of your song catalog data for ingestion into our core database (CWR format preferred).
  • A digital service engages Crunch Digital to help them with licensing and reporting.
  • All song publisher interests from all music publishers represented by Crunch Digital that are authorized for licensing to a digital service will be included as part of a direct license.
  • The direct licenses issued will cover the same licensed rights available under a Section 115 compulsory license.
  • The royalty rates in the direct license will be the same as the Statutory Rates under a Section 115 license.
  • Royalty statements will be rendered monthly or quarterly.
  • There will be a provision for an audit right in the direct license – not currently available under Section 115.
  • Royalty statements and payments will be sent to you by Crunch Digital.

    Key Benefits

    If you license the same royalty rates under a direct license as are available under a compulsory license (i.e., the statutory royalty rates), your payment rates are the same, but you eliminate all the known potential licensing and reporting problems that are at the core of the lawsuits that have been filed against digital streaming services who rely on compulsory licenses (and issuing NOIs). Plus, you get an audit right.

    By signing up with Crunch Digital as your non-exclusive licensing agent, you will also be notified of opt-in licensing opportunities that we are handling on behalf of a digital service, Music App, or other potential licensees.

    Crunch Digital Agency is a independent solution.

    Crunch Digital is an independent company that has no ties to a trade organization or PRO.

    We encourage rights holders of all sizes to include their repertoire in our core database to enable the potential for greater access and licensing opportunities to digital services of all types.

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