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Crunch Digital Announces RegistryID™ and Strategic Partnership with Audible Magic to
Streamline Licensing and Reporting to Record Labels and Music Publishers

LOS ANGELES, CA, _______________, 2014. – Today Crunch Digital, the data management and reporting service that bridges digital rights owners with content licensees, is announcing their new system called RegistryID that will streamline licensing and reporting. As an integral part of the offering, Crunch Digital has entered a strategic partnership with Audible Magic, the leader in automated content recognition (ACR) solutions.

Being able to match content to copyright data is an issue that affects many digital services, apps and games. Finding the right content owners and verifying licensing can become a monumental barrier. Over the last six years, Crunch Digital has developed one of the most comprehensive registries for sound recording and musical composition metadata in the world. The release of RegistryID, expected early next year, will enable distributors to verify licensing rights with record labels and music publishers for their content worldwide, ensuring that proper permissions have been obtained before the work is made available on their platform.

When content is added to a provider’s platform, RegistryID will use Audible Magic’s fingerprinting solution to see if it matches any registered sound recordings. If a match is found, RegistryID will then attempt to match to the underlying musical composition and its owners or administrators. Then the system can determine if a license is in effect for the musical composition to “block” or “allow” use on the platform based on licensing terms specified by the provider.

“Crunch Digital’s RegistryID addresses a problem we have seen for years in the digital marketplace,” said Curt Dowdy, Audible Magic’s Vice-President of Marketing. “Being able to match sound recordings to the underlying composition and verifying licenses can certainly enable access to more music for many delivery platforms.”

“We are excited to work with Audible Magic to enable our RegistryID solution,” said Keith Bernstein, founder of Crunch Digital. “Their fingerprinting technology allows us to deliver fast, robust responses to our customers so that they can focus on the customer experience without worrying about copyright issues.”