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Increase your revenue by licensing more of your content and avoid being an “unknown payee” in some unlicensed accrual file – all over the world. Crunch Digital works with content owners who want to license music and we help to identify who to request a license from based on the titles they are looking to use. If we do not know what you own or control, your catalog will not be included in our core database of ownership interests and your titles will be excluded from any licensing requests we generate.  As a result, you could miss out on multiple revenue opportunities for your catalog.

New music services often underestimate what is involved with reporting and content owners want assurances that reporting will be done correctly. In fact, a  number of content owners are now requiring companies who license their music to use an authorized vendor like Crunch Digital for their back office reporting. If we have your catalog information you can make the same requirement in your licenses and you will have assurances that you will receive reporting from a trusted partner.

There is only upside to being a Crunch Digital Content Partner, and there is no cost involved.

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We encourage music publishers and record labels of any size to include their repertoire in our core database. To learn more, please contact us.

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