Crunch Digital is built for the needs of the evolving digital marketplace…


Users want FAST access to the BEST content.

We’ll help you get your catalog in place for licensing opportunities with app developers, game studios and other kinds of digital services. We can make introductions to you for direct licensing deals, putting you in control of your content in these emerging businesses.


We’ll help you keep your transaction costs under control.

Crunch Digital dramatically simplifies and shortens the licensing and reporting process, eliminating wasted time and resources. We’ll bring you qualified, pre-packaged opportunities, so that your questions are already answered. And once the deal is in place, you won’t have to “educate” licensees — we’ll manage data and reporting in standard formats.


Crunch Digital is a turnkey solution.

From licensing through to reporting, Crunch Digital does it all. Content owners can rely on a trusted third party. You’ll have the comfort of knowing that the work is being managed by specialists in digital licensing and reporting.


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