AIMP – Pipeline Project 5.0 | Belmont University Report | Crunch Digital cited

Belmont University

Crunch Digital cited in the report as leading private music rights database solution

On behalf of the Association of Independent Music Publishers (AIMP), the Pipeline 5.0 team conducted research in order to understand the needs and vision of the independent music publishing community regarding the future of music licensing. Thirty‐one stakeholders in the music industry were interviewed and an online survey was conducted. In doing so, the mission is to provide a voice for the independent music publishing community and facilitate a smooth transition into the future music licensing system.

As noted in the “Research Conclusions & Consensus” of the report

The independent publishing community recognizes the need for a streamlined step‐by‐step process in order for any centralized database to become a reality. Additionally, this database should be owned by a private third party, potentially a non-profit, with no direct financial ties to any individual stakeholders in the music industry. From the conversation with Keith Bernstein, Crunch Digital seems to have initiated what could potentially become this authoritative database, particularly because of their commitment to this principle.

Crunch Digital’s API and search portal were demoed to the Pipeline 5.0 team.

A copy of the report is available here


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