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Here is the story of Ozzy the app developer who created a great app that uses music, but he didn’t have licenses from record labels and music publishers. Watch Ozzy navigate getting music licenses…. and how Crunch Digital provided a simple solution.

Crunch Digital: The Bridge for Licensing and Reporting Digital Content

Crunch Digital is a next-generation technology company that offers innovative services that connect content creators and digital services with copyright owners for new digital distribution channels, creating more revenue opportunities for everyone involved.

With the explosive growth of digital distribution, a critical need has arisen for services and content owners to exchange information timely and efficiently.  Using Crunch Digital, Content Owners – including record labels, music publishers, audio book publishers, film & television studios and game publishers – can easily manage the flow of catalog data to many services, monitor revenue and identify trends, while also receiving more accurate reporting from digital service providers. Licensees – including digital service providers, multi-channel networks, game companies, music app developers, mobile carriers and more – can enable new content options, streamline data management and provide royalty reporting for direct licenses.

Crunch Digital has become the trusted service that content owners and licensed services have been searching for since the digital marketplace exploded in the 90s.  Our services include license requests, data management, administration of direct licenses, complex royalty calculations and processing, worldwide reporting in local currency, and client controlled electronic royalty payment solutions.

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Crunch Digital Podcast

music biz daily
Keith Bernstein was a guest on the Music Biz Weekly hosted by Michael Brandvold and Jay Gilbert

Topics covered Music Apps, Licensing Challenges, and lots of music royalty talk!

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It’s Simple. Accurate song data = more music royalties


Keith Bernstein was a panelist at the AIMP luncheon. Fun crowd talking about music data!

Topics covered: With the explosion of digital services and apps, music publishers now need to provide their catalog data to a seemingly ever growing list of third party vendors. Why?

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